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Co-Director | Editor



Co-Director | DP

In 2011, Sally founded I Love Public Schools, a film and impact campaign dedicated to igniting pride and support for public schools in Nebraska. Since 2011, Sally has directed and edited countless award-winning films to raise awareness about the great things happening in Nebraska schools and educate audiences about the ways societal issues impact schools. Having witnessed the all-consuming responsibilities of a profession focused on the advancement and well-being of kids, she wanted to apply her skills to change the narrative about educators in all schools, public and private.

As a cinematographer, Andy has worked on the I Love Public Schools campaign since its inception. He shares the passion to elevate educators having seen them in action for more than a decade. After taking a three-year hiatus to live abroad with his wife and family, he returned to the campaign as Director of Photography. Andy has an unparalleled ability to make everyone feel seen and heard, and it is from this place of comfort and trust, that he’s been successful in capturing the most authentic stories possible.

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Producer | Strategist


Partnerships | Impact

Jon has twenty-five years of experience in independent films and film festivals. He has produced award-winning documentaries and has led many independent film projects through the maze of festivals and hybrid distribution models. As a Festival Director he has run several top tier festivals and has consulted on dozens more. Jon has also led acquisitions for several streaming platforms, and now curates movies and series for Cause Cinema. He authored the leading social impact filmmaking book, Filmmaking for Change: How to Make Movies that Transform the World, and also teaches two popular web based courses: Film Festival Mastery and Film Distribution Mastery.

Cindy has extensive experience developing partnerships for a large variety of organizations and is deeply committed to the arts, social impact and profit with purpose. Through her work with clients including AFI and Santa Barbara Film Festivals, Variety Magazine, Creative Visions Foundation, and Los Angeles Times Events, she has extensive knowledge of partnership and sponsorship program development and execution, and is well versed in experiential, cause and cross-platform sales and marketing initiatives. She has a deep understanding of brand and mission storytelling and is committed to building revenue and impact.

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